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The Base Espresso Cart is designed to take care of your commercial espresso cart needs without the frills of our other lines.  Many people choose to go this route if they are on a budget, are placing it wedged between other equipment, or need a workstation more quickly and can't wait for the normal construction times for the more elaborate lines.  Regardless of how it's scaled down, we still refuse to compromise upon quality of construction and still utilize only the best quality, most durable materials within it's construction.
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Round Base Cart
Kiosk View
with Side Cart
Square Base Cart
Revisions upon request!
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We crate in house as well as have extra staff to help handle all of the logistix making delivery to your door or place of business a simple and economical process.

These are some of the features "which come standard" for this line:

FloJet pump
Designed to connect to any standard glass/plastic 5 gallon water bottle and feed the rest of the plumbing lines.

Titan 2.5 gallon water heater
Connected into the hand sink to deliver hot and cold running water.
Under Counter hand sink area.
This is connected through a "quick disconnect system" to a portable 7 gallon waste water tank.

Plexiglas sneeze guard.
Removable sneeze guard sized and designed to exceed code and help improve sanitation.

Solid construction.
The materials that go into anything will determine it's long term structural integrity and the largest volume of material used should be the strongest, no amount of bracing, supports or hardware can make up for using cheap materials so we don't rely upon them opting to only using quality high density plywood's, composites, surfacing materials as well as expanding upon this within it's internal components.

A choice of colors and patterns.
You aren't limited to the colors shown at this site, black is our base color platform and our suppliers are used to handling the volume we do with it since it's used on almost all of our espresso carts.

We've included the specs in a graphical format so you can see what goes where.

Colors and options can be adjusted and changed per request. This espresso cart is expandable and the term "base" holds true in it's nature, it makes a nice "base" to build upon. In late 2005, Espresso-Outfitters will be offering mountable modules for this line as well.

Listed are a few options that can be implemented into this cart:

Plumbing options:

Slide Out Sink Compartment +$200.00
Under Counter Sink Compartment 0.00
Flojet 110v 40 p.s.i. cylinder pump and stainless steel tanks +400
Custom plumbing systems - Call
Counter Trim:  - square base only
T-Molding - $0.00
Cherry +$120.00
Walnut +$180.00
Maple +$160.00
Oak +$100.00
Rubber bumper +$30.00
Exotics - Call
Counter Options:

Square Base -  2, 18" Extensions and counter revision 3/4" stock - 350.00
                      2, 18" Extensions and counter revision 1" stock - 450.00
Round Base - 2, 18" Extensions and over counter 3/4" stock - 450.00
                      2, 18" Extensions and over counter 1" stock - 550.00

Body Trim:

Single + $200..00
Dual + $400.00
Triple tier + $600.00
Custom - Call
Base Frame:
Outdoor treated cedar - $0.00
Oak/Hardwood - + $50.00
Aluminum U channel 2" X 4" + $200.00
Aluminum Tubing 2" X 3" + $300.00
Colson 4" X 2", 2 swivels w/side locks, 2 straights - $0.00
Colson 5" X 2", 2 swivels w/side locks, 2 straights - + $90.00
Colson 6" X 2", 2 swivels w/side locks, 2 straights - + $120.00

Contact us for bi-directional castors for the above line, we can also credit you an additional $40.00 if you are not going to move the cart around often and require only rudimentary lightweight models.

The base espresso cart is designed to last under the most extreme conditions, we have NOT cut corners in materials or overall construction quality, we've only adjusted the technology towards a more simple design that is easier to reproduce.

Contact us for more information and/or to place an order.

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