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The faq section covers many of the regular questions we get. Feel free to get in contact with us for more questions any time!

Construction time:

On average we try to keep a 30-60 day window open for standard construction, depending upon the current volume of production.  The smaller cabinets as well as the simpler designs will of course take less time depending upon how robust you require them to be and it's not uncommon for us to complete your project in 1/2 of the quoted time frame.  If we have a model on hand, then the construction time will be reduced to simply building the crate which takes only a day to do, keep in mind, that is rare since we are primarly focued upon building to order, rather then keeping an expensive inventory on hand.


We ship freight collect, and extend any discounts directly to our clients, we use common carrier for large shipments, ups and usps for smaller ones. Outside of being able to cut down on logistix significantly more, we are able to reduce costs overall while building much higher quality crates then what the industry currently deems acceptable.

Mfg. referrals:

In general, if you were referred by us from another manufacturer, it's likely we have direct experience with their company and product line and will do our best to make the referrer shine in the best light because of it.

Odds and Ends:

We select only quality components that can be easily replaced, especially catering towards remaining in compliance with what the current large chain hardware stores normally carry but we do manufacture our own as well, in some cases you'll need a specialty supplier for only a few components and we'll steer you the right direction in that area if that's necessary as well.  The design and construction procedures are also taking into account someone having to work on it within the next 20 years so we strive to make everything accessible and easily serviced.

Custom Projects:

Naturally, a custom project takes a little flexibility to remain in compliance towards it being realistic as well as making it humanly possible within the agreed upon time frame.  Our company doesn't shy away from "any" design concept, no matter how elaborate, large/small scale, or just completely out of the norm. We'll work with you through the concept and design phase to creating the final project to your satisfaction including detailed 3d renderings and all of the necessary diagrams to submit to inspecting parties. In some cases where we have to hire outside companies to cover different areas if the request is outside of the normal scope of our manufacturing field, i.e.. we don't build neon signs nor are a machine shop, we'll do our best to insure they make their own deadlines by giving them the maximum amount of notice, details and/or forms and jigs to work with and are happy to work with outside hand chosen companies the client has already established a repair with and/or if it's most cost/time effective to deal with some elements locally.

In a nutshell, if you can dream it up, it can be created, it's only a matter of time and capitol.

How do we get started:

Decide upon what you need, contact us, and we'll ask for some basic information, terms are listed in the price page, these can be adjust if you are restricted along finances, after construction is complete, balance is due prior to shipping, it then gets delivered, and this is a simple process through common freight carrier, all details are addressed prior.

We'll be walking you through the process through out any details regardless, our personal, one on one approach is how things are taken care of and this keeps our clients in the loop and on top of it all effortlessly.

General Sales Questions:

Why are your prices so reasonable?

Our overhead is very low, we purchase only what is necessary to take care of production per order, the owner of the company is also the builder. You aren't dealing with a huge conglomerate nor are you supporting their staffs salary's and overhead. We also have a rock solid, very long term relationship with our suppliers which gives us greater discounts then what a new start up would get no matter what volume they are purchasing.

What is the warrantee?

This is a formality in our case since our products just don't fail within any start up time period i.e.. 1-5 years, and even after then, only minor maintenance is necessary.  Officially, the minimum is 1 year parts and labor, the manufacturers warrantee may extend up to 5 years, and we can arrange for an outside, local party to extend this contract beyond that should it deem necessary, we'll of course cover anything you need, shipped out from our local and have no problems assembling diagrams and instructions if you decide you want to be hands on about it.

Contact us any time should you require support or have a sales question 24/7.

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