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Owner of Espresso Outfitters The news section is being reinstated and is long overdue. There will be sharing with what is new and related things with the company along with some informal sneak peak photo’s to show some of the production in real time, sawdust and candid rather then refined for the product lines sections. This section also replaces our Facebook presence from our page we had there.

Check back later for future updates.

Author, Brian Millar - Owner of Espresso Outfitters

September 13, 2020 - Social media for business

Being one of the, if not the very first coffee industry presence on the internet, certainly the first in the manufacturing sector of it, I’ve seen it all. Trends come and go, and in the case of social media I was reluctant to extend the company presence into those areas. Over the years there have always popped up what I call parasite ware web sites, they latch onto your company name, even steal your information and photo’s to post onto their web sites which of course has their ads and other agenda’s right along side, and to me, it’s both flattering and an insult. It’s great that people find what I’ve shared, both here and social media in the past onto their own, but they should ask first before publishing these things since they are copyrighted works, and I am selective along who I will have any type of coordinated efforts with. I have also seen my share of new trends and pressure to get involved with one .com after another and I just take reservation to see if they will stick around before bothering with.

That said, I was not happy seeing an auto generated Facebook page called Espresso Outfitters, with an option for anybody that wanted to claim ownership to, to do so. It seemed the only way to get rid of it was to opt in, claim ownership, then delete it. I had to do this twice before I decided to just give it a try and create my own rather then fight it, who knows, it may have some merit and help along marketing even though I saw a horrible layout and limited interface, still, helping to facilitate sales along with being an option for clients to use for customer support. In marketing, you want to utilize all of your options, the same with different ways for people to get in touch with and interact with the company. Knowing this endeavor as in all new areas to market through, one has to give it time and an honest ongoing effort in order to see just how viable it really is and if it’s worth it to continue to pursue.

What I found after many years was that it is a lot of work with little to no reward. To put it plainly, this is an absolute dog of an operation to get involved with. Not a single sale was produced from that Facebook company page for Espresso Outfitters, there were a few tire kickers, people just not serious and only thinking about it at absolute best. I took things further by incorporating marketing through the many buy and sell groups only to find it was a complete waste of time with a giant amount of PM’s that amounted to the same tire kickers and people that are only interested in talking about, not actually doing anything. I took note, this venue for a place to market is not for my and most industries as a performer, the time to hassle ratio was absolutely horrible. I tinkered around with the others, twitter, Instagram, pin-interest, but got the feeling they are not any better, it was more energy spent for little to no return potential. From this perspective alone, if you value your time, don’t waste it on these places, Facebook especially.

Still, there are more reasons why not to be tied into Facebook for your business. You are telling your clients to meet you at a spot where there are going to be your competitors ads listed upon it. Are you going to be posting your competitions information to reach out to at your company web site? I think not. In addition, nothing is secure there, all of your private messages, what you share through the page, any iota of the system is all recorded and the data is used for Facebook to profit from. I have too much respect for my clients and keeping their information confidential is paramount, it’s compromised even discussing things with them there. It’s also important to keep distractions to a minimum when discussing serious business matters, having basically a circus floating around the page and area you are discussing with the clients with does not help things at all, this too played a big factor as to why there was much discussed but nothing gained with the past contacts through it. There is in addition the environment that has increasingly became scandalized to out right criminal upon with the Facebook network. This is no family friendly, safe place to be, the last thing I want to do is expose my clients to put themselves in a compromised spot just so they have another option to get in touch with the company, it’s too much of a liability, also it’s of paramount importance to keep a friendly, upbeat, happy and safe place for them to be involved with, thus staying within the Espresso Outfitters only web presence.

Some will insist upon continuing to use it, often it’s the case they have not developed their websites enough if they even have one to begin with to address other features and options. There are the non tech savvy types that refuse to hire professionals, they use that as an excuse to remain in the social medias networks primarily. It’s a big compromise, if they only put the time and energy into their own company web sites they would be vastly further ahead. There is a herd like appeal with web sites and companies that say, meet us here at x social media spot, to make them seem established and the rest, not knowing it’s more for show then actually taking care of business. Would it not be better to say meet me here at my company web site instead? Even so much when you get to the front pages of the search engines, state meet me here at xyz search engine, keyword “what you are about or company name” as well? Both make for a more solid image rather then some fly by night, can’t even bother to develop their own web site platform. If you do not believe enough in yourself to get something formal, only relying only upon social media, how do you expect the public to believe in you as well?

In conclusion and the bottom line: There will be no additional, nor ongoing social media “parasite ware” references and participation from Espresso Outfitters. The company did just fine long before it was here and will do just fine long after it is gone.

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