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3 Compartment sink
Self contained 4' version EO-4S
square 3 compartment sink cart stainless steel
This is a serious, robust work station that can handle extensive ware-washing.

Fully self contained plumbing with removable fresh and waste water tanks gives it extra portability along with being able to set up your food service and espresso concession in areas that would be deemed impossible to do, or impractical upon. 

Standard features but not limited to:
  • Deep well stainless steel commercial NSF sink with drainboards.
  • 2.5 Gallon Water heater.
  • Flo-Jet Water bottle pump.
  • 5 Gallons fresh water bottle/tank.
  • 7 Gallons waste water tank.
  • Hardwood ply and steel construction.
  • Surfaced in the best laminates, Wilsonart/Formica/etc.
  • Quality rubber bumper and T-Molding edges.
  • Easy to move with 3200 pound rated wheels.
  • All components, commercial NSF and UL
square-3-compartment-sink-cart-stainless square-3-compartment-sink-cart-stainless
The Square base as shown above, along with the
        rounded and below use the same plumbing compliment. 
        different styles, yet unique look and function.  Custom
        sink carts are more then welcomed and built upon our rock solid

3 compartment Base sink cart

At a 3' by 2' package, the slide out fully self contained 3 compartment sink cart was designed to compliment any kiosk as well as supplement health codes to keep your utensils sanitary:


    • Durable construction
    • Slide out 3 compartment sink
    • 7 gallon waste water tank
    • *Flo-Jet water bottle pump
    • *2.5 gallon water heater

110v Performance surge protector

Click on any image for a larger view.

2' Depth
3' Length 
41" Height

*Flo-Jet pump
Designed to connect to any standard glass/plastic 5 gallon water bottle and feed the rest of the plumbing lines.

*Bosch/Titan 2.5 gallon water heater
Connected into the sinks to deliver hot and cold running water.

For those that are desiring to use this as a catering cart, we have revised this design to accommodate over counter equipment.  The depth has also been increased to 30". You will not notice a dramatic difference in it's appearance, but we felt it necessary to post photo's of the revisions regardless.

*New, for those that just need a self contained hand washing station, we offer a revision in this area to accommodate our clients.  This hand sink cart is perfect for adding onto your mobile concession and can double as a catering and/or side cart.

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