Espresso Outfitters has had a very long standing in the espresso business, the company was originally formed during the early stages when specialty coffee across the U.S was just becoming popular in 1993., It was Seattle based, the coffee headquarters of the nation at the time. Our long term thinking and application on all levels insures what you purchase from us will last under the most extreme traditional circumstances.

You indeed are dealing directly with the manufacturer so the communication for your orders are direct and to the point without losing anything to misinterpretation.  We have accommodated extreme custom designs as well, showing our flexibility and capacity and proves what can be thought up, can be done, even if no other others are doing it. We can build all styles of espresso and food service carts, to mobile food service platforms including trailers, drive thru’s, and the rest. We have extensive and unprecedented experience no other company in the coffee industry can match remotely on any level.

We remain dedicated to the small business, personal approach catering to our clients needs regardless of scale from their requests. Our clients are not put through some cold process of an automated system, just as what we produce is not from some cold, boring assembly line. We take a personalized approach towards what our clients needs are, not just point them to what happens to be sitting in our inventory at the time. Artisan along the builds in all manner combined with industry leading expertise in understanding and support from all levels of the equipment, inner workings that the most seasoned tech’s would respect to just general support for helping direct what is most appropriate for the clients needs, nobody else in this industry is remotely capable of comparing with.

All of our espresso carts continue to function to this day, decades after they were purchased. We are in this for the long term and our clients and legacy have very much proven this.`Sharing a collage of builds on past, from the 90’s, certainly doing what we have done then, sophisticated, we are doing that much more now, decades later.