Our sink and side carts are built to compliment your espresso and food service carts made with the same quality standards are all of our other lines.

Our sink carts are versatile, often multi use, with a fully self contained plumbing system which is the most refined in the industry. They are built to last decades and retain their physical appeal throughout. The sinks themselves are mainstream brands and NSF/CSA commercially rated, along with the plumbing components and lines. We do not use modified food service pans for our sinks in our carts as you see being sold from other sellers.

Our side carts extend your concession with more storage space and a solid platform to serve from or support equipment.

3 compartment slide out Base sink cart

slide out 3 compartment sink cart base model
base 3 compartment sink cart operators view

At a 3′ by 2′ package, the slide out fully self contained 3 compartment sink cart was designed to compliment any kiosk as well as supplement health codes to keep your utensils sanitary:


  • Slide out Moli 3 compartment sink
  • 5 gallon fresh water tank
  • 7 gallon waste water tank
  • *Flo-Jet water bottle pump
  • *2.5 gallon water heater


2′ Depth
3′ Length 
41″ Height

base sink cart plumbing

Base slide out hand sink cart

base hand sink cart with sink extended
base sink cart front view

For those that need a self contained hand washing station.  This hand sink cart is perfect for adding onto your mobile concession and can double as a catering or side cart. As with our slide out 3 compartment sink carts, it includes the self contained plumbing systems.

base hand sink cart operators view


2′ Depth
3′ Length 
41″ Height

Square Base slide out three compartment sink

slide out 3 compartment sink cart
slide out 3 compartment sink cart

The Square Base Slide Out three compartment sink cart uses the same system plumbing and dimensions as the Base model.

3 compartment sink cart customers view

Base design large capacity 3 compartment sink

3 compartment sink cart operators view
3 compartment sink cart

This is a serious, robust work station that can handle extensive ware-washing.

Fully self contained plumbing with removable fresh and waste water tanks gives it extra portability along with being able to set up your food service and espresso concession in areas that would be deemed impossible to do, or impractical upon. 

Standard features but not limited to:

  • Deep well stainless steel commercial NSF sink with drainboards.
  • 2.5 Gallon Water heater.
  • Flo-Jet Water bottle pump.
  • 5 Gallons fresh water bottle/tank.
  • 7 Gallons waste water tank.
  • Hardwood ply and steel construction.
  • Surfaced in the best laminates, Wilsonart/Formica/etc.
  • Quality rubber bumper and T-Molding edges.
  • Easy to move with 3200 pound rated wheels.
  • All components, commercial NSF and UL
robust self contained 3 compartment sink cart

Custom, elaborate and advanced configurations can be accommodated. Shown is an example of one we created that has some over the top features.

Self contained 3 compartment sink cart custom
6 foot three compartment sink cart

This was built around a treated custom welded steel tubing frame.

6 foot custom 3 compartment sink cart plumbing
welded treated steel frame cage

Side carts are great additions for your mobile concession, sharing a few, all can be built to order to match your current espresso cart’s we build and the espresso and food service carts you happen to have on hand already. These also make for great platforms to build onto, plumbing included to transform into espresso carts, sink carts and more.

Base side cart


  • Quality laminate surfaced.
  • 3/4″ High density plywood primary construction with composites.
  • Solid Base Frame with Colson castors.
  • A design that compliments anybody’s operation.

Mini Standard style side cart

In the same format on all levels with the Mini Standard Espresso Cart, the Mini Standard side cart is a robust and spacious side cart.

MSPEC side cart

The MSPEC side cart is also a great compliment for the MSPEC espresso cart lines. Built to last just as with all of our lines, matching in addition.

The MSPEC and Mini Standard cart dimensions:

4′ Length, 34″ deep, 41″ tall.

Custom side cart, a robust display case and customer service counter.

display customer service cart for food service
Customer service side cart

This customer service cart is robust in design. It has an over the top display area built in. We used 1/2″ tempered glass for the shelves, adjustable, and the front openings were mounted and covered from the inside in easy to clean and replace 1/4″ Plexiglas panels.

customer service side cart showing display shelving

Welded, surfaced steel tube base construction.

welded treated steel frame cage