Our espresso carts are built with precision using the best materials available. The engineering, quality, designed and built to last many decades put into our espresso cart lines are unprecedented.  We offer a range to best suit the clients needs, all of them adhering to our high quality standards. Revisions to the existing lines and custom designs are always welcomed.

We keep the operator and their clients in mind when it comes to the design parameters for ease of use and aesthetic appeal. Keeping things less complicated for the barista free’s up their time to focus on the tasks at hand, it also makes it easy for adding and maintaining the equipment since the carts are plug and play, easy access for all of the plumbing and the rest. There is special care into insuring they can be easily moved around and also carry a very heavy equipment load at the same time. This is a very important area that makes a world of difference when applied correctly. They are all fully plumbed and electrical elements necessary addressed.

We build our carts to accommodate even the most rigid of health department requirements. We extend full support and necessary documentation to get your cart through the inspection process flawlessly. We also can provide all of the necessary equipment such as the espresso machine, grinder and refrigerator with a range to choose from as well.

Classic Espresso Cart

4 foot classic espresso cart with espresso machine and grinder
classic espresso cart without equipment

Shelf mount or slide out sink options shown.

Plumbing includes 5 gallon portable fresh and 7 gallon waste water tanks. 2.5 gallon Water heater, and pump.

The Classic Espresso Cart is an elegant, straight forward design.

Back in the day when we were based in Seattle and when the specialty coffee industry was just getting popular, we were known for producing a very classic styling of espresso cart.  These were as now, come with several standard features, such as two fold down wings to extend the counter an additional 3 feet, decorative trim, and a straight forward plumbing system, sneeze guard, also sized to easily fit through standard doorways.  

Referencing the body counter size, without the fold down wings, they can be built to 4,5,6 and 8 foot or more in length. Showing the 4 foot version.

classic 4 foot espresso cart operators view

MSPEC Espresso Cart

4 foot mspec espresso cart
4 foot mspec espresso cart with slide out sink, operators view

We’ve expanded upon the Mini-Standard (shown later) and the Standard espresso cart (shown later) with a dramatic rounded profile, the triple tier trim.

We’ve dubbed these designs as the Mini-Standard-Plus Espresso Cart for the 4 foot model, Mega-Standard-Plus for the 8 foot model, MSPEC for short, the fold down extensions create an additional 3 feet of counter length with both models.

4 foot mspec espresso cart with slide out sink, operators view

8 foot and 6 foot models shown.

6 foot mspec espresso cart
6 foot mspec espresso cart brochure
8 foot mspec espresso cart
8 foot mspec espresso cart brochure

The Base Espresso Cart.

square base espresso cart with fold down counter extensions

Square base espresso cart

Counter extension option shown.

6 foot model shown, 4-6-8 foot model or more model can be accommodated.

This version of espresso cart retaining the same solid construction as the main espresso cart lines are great work stations and can be customized as the client is inspired to do so.

base espresso cart plumbing
Round base espresso cart with red laminate
Round base espresso cart

Round Base Espresso Cart.

A variation upon the Base espresso cart, with a rounded format for more sophistication along design and function. This is an option for modern, sophisticated approach while also allowing for customization at the clients convenience.

6 foot version shown, as the others, larger and smaller sizes can be built to order. This can also be upgraded from the frame up as well.

Round base espresso cart operators view

The Silver Standard Espresso Cart

Silver standard espresso cart with espresso machine
Silver standard espresso cart                         showing slide out sink option

Using aluminum for surfacing material creates a dramatic effect. We have the full options by default with this line and it’s sure to please along the visual appeal.

Silver standard espresso cart operators view

More photo’s and information HERE.

Standard Espresso cart.

The Standard espresso Cart combines high end, old world finesse in wood working combined with a modern, rounded body style. The hand finished solid hardwood trim gives it a rich appeal along the counter edges which makes for a warm, sophisticated look and feel.

Standard espresso cart with wood trim
Standard espresso cart operators view

Mini Standard Espresso Cart

The “Mini Standard” espresso cart packs a lot of power into a very small area, with a 4 foot body, makes this one of the smallest espresso carts in the industry, perfect for catered events as well as can handle most main stream espresso cart requirement.

Mini standard espresso cart
Mini standard espresso cart and mini standard style side cart
Mini standard espresso cart plumbing
Min standard espresso cart operators view

Neon Espresso Cart.

Neon espresso cart original
espresso cart neon operators view
Neon espresso cart with black laminate
espresso cart neon style showing plumbing

The Neon Espresso Cart is a very futuristic and impressive design.
Innovation, creativity and advanced building skills pushes the mobile espresso concession to new levels.

We are sharing a couple of our custom request espresso carts, each requiring some rather sophisticated and robust elements not found in our regular lines.

robust custom espresso cart
robust espresso cart showing slide out sink and plumbing tanks
robust espresso cart

This design is built around a welded steel cage of surfaced steel tubing. It offers ample space for storage where the refrigerator space in our other lines come by default to accommodate.

Included was a regular compliment of fresh and waste water tank, water bottle pump, water heater, and a slide out sink.

robust espresso cart welded steel frame
Robust espresso cart

An over the top request, Espresso Outfitters was up to the task!

Custom espresso cart built to the highest level in the world
8 foot espresso cart built to extremes
The worlds more advanced espresso cart

A custom enclosure stands out on this espresso cart in addition to the built in front mounted refrigerator.

This uses the same steel cage construction as shown with the previous line as well. The middle section is recessed as well for customer and code convenience.

The plumbing system on this is similar to what you use with trailers, vans and trucks, of which Espresso Outfitters has experience doing with authority to convert for mobile food service concession.

Showing in addition with the photo’s, a robust 3 compartment sink cart that went with it.

We have helped others design their mobile concession from espresso cart, kiosk, trailer, truck or van and we do by default extend support to include direct dialog with the approving parties.

Espresso Outfitters is always up to the challenge on even the most difficult situations. You are never alone in any part of the process.

We have much more to show, these are a few of our main espresso cart lines we carry. Custom designs are welcomed and variations and revisions upon with the ones shown can be accommodated.

Check out Espresso-Outfitters.com, our more old school html web site for more photo’s and details. We will continue to migrate over from there to be working more in tangent and elaborate in addition with photo’s, information and the rest. Check back later at both for more.