Our lines are produced locally within the USA. We have always gone out of our way to source all of the materials and components necessary to be manufactured in America to build our espresso cart and other lines.

Outside of it’s good to help the local economies, the quality standards are high at Espresso Outfitters and it’s by default led to locally based operations producing the best in. Certainly there is some prestige and sales appeal being able to state of using only quality components and materials, it more so means rock solid performance not prone to failure.

Taking the stringent extra measures to work with only the best materials, we certainly put that much more into assembly and focus upon robust, precision along what we build. Our espresso cart and the rest lines have been out there in the real world decades, still going strong, and it was that long term thinking along with combined experience that only one doing this, this long can accumulate that produces a superior product. These certainly are not flimsy metal boxes imported from China being seen more and more these days. Certainly if Espresso Outfitters was just into this field to make a quick buck, they would be importing these cheap imported things and passing them off as their own creations but that outside of not being ethical, would ruin our legacy of producing and selling the best quality in the industry. Certainly we could even there go in house, tacking together thin sheets of metal, but that would no longer be who we are, what we are about and why we build.

Our espresso machines and grinders are mainstream, what is the industry standards and norms along true commercial models. These are in fact not made in America, they are Italian, our only exception to keeping things sourced locally. This again comes down to our rigid, high quality standards, it’s also at current, the only route to go for the best lines of commercial espresso machines that exist. We do not deal with Franken-machines, ie. espresso machines that are only parts ordered from abroad from who knows where and build a structure to mount and assemble them to call their own creation. It makes it not only extremely difficult for any future repair technician to fix, you really don’t know what you are getting into on the long term buying. Sticking with mainstream lines like we do insures there will always be parts, documentation and competent service technicians for decades to come while minimizing down time with the best performance.

When shopping around in general, and regardless of if it’s even industry related to ours, when you are buying American you are going to get better quality and support with very few exception. Always look up the source of your seller, in today’s market, it’s easy to hide behind a .com or some computer created images to make it appear you are buying local or really any product, yet in reality you are buying from China, along with it’s lower quality and support.