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Since the early days of the specialty coffee and mobile food service industry.
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Espresso Outfitters builds food service and espresso carts, kiosks and support units to the highest level of quality and value possible. 

From opening up a catering or espresso cart to test and impress the waters to a major business portal and everything in between, we have you covered. Our goal is to insure your vision stays in tact and can accommodate even the most sophisticated of tastes while helping those on a budget maximize their spending dollar. We remain in the cutting edge of the espresso and food service cart industry design standards and have a long term reputation for leading the way throughout it. 

Espresso Outfitters was the first in the industry to have a web presence and the last from the original line of companies that builds espresso and food service carts!

 Our Experience is Unmatched!
custom coffee cart kiosk
Some of about us:
Espresso Outfitters has been specializing in the coffee industry for over 25 years. Our Seattle based pedigree during the early days of the speciality coffee industry is a testament towards excellence, thinking and doing upon a long term basis, there is a reason we are still around. With the construction of our espresso and food service carts to more, the core of the engineering, materials and construction of all things, the equipment, to the ongoing research and development along with showing there is more then the industry benchmark and ours as well, we continue to strive forward towards creating and providing even better.

We also cater to those that want to do it themselves, offering support and equipment to plumbing and electrical systems custom tailored to their application. There is no reason to be completely on your own building your dream cafe, cart, drive thru, coffee and food service van and truck to all mobile concessions. We are happy to share our expertise and have been building these ourselves regularly. What is shown at the site are mainly our cart lines, we also accommodate additional support units, commercial cabinetry, customer and staff work stations, tables, etc. and keep things on time and on budget. We of course can assemble everything from the ground up for our clients that desire a more hands off, turn key approach as well and are happy to accomodate both.

food service and smoothie cart with built in display
Neon Espresso cart
8 foot food service, smoothie and espresso cart
Mspec Food Service and Espresso Cart

8 foot display food service, smoothie and espresso cart
Slide out under counter sink option shown.

concession cart for espresso and smoothies

All of our espresso, food service and sink carts are complete with the entire plumbing compliments so that they are completely self contained. Fill the fresh water tank, plug in the electrical, and you are ready for business. Simplicity through portability while being able to move it easily to a lucrative catering gig or residing in a lobby or sidewalk allows for maximum versatility. 

What's New!!!
Espresso Outfitters is always developing new, cutting edge advancements.

Check out the latest here: Espresso and Food service carts next generation.

We are sharing publicly along the progress upon one of our latest lines, to show some of what is being created for the next generation of espresso and food service carts.

Espresso Cart Concept Under Construction
Click here to access this section of our web site.

One time package deal for this cart, $7,500 includes all equipment shown!

*New designs and custom orders are welcomed, sharing a few additional concept carts recently created.

Classic Espresso Cart with Perlick double pass through refrigerator
Classic style espresso cart with built in, pass through glass door refrigerator.Mobile coffee kiosk
Mobile kiosk, custom design.

ADA compliant coffee cart narrow width design
Custom ADA compliant espresso cart.

espresso cart package
Package Deals

We are happy to assemble a custom turn key espresso cart package for clients that are desiring a one stop shop. An example from one of our Classic Espresso Cart lines:

  • 4 foot Classic Espresso Cart, with two fold down 18 inch counter extensions.
  • Astoria Gloria Sae 1 automatic espresso machine.
  • Mazzer Super Jolly Timer commercial grinder.
  • Beverage-air UCR 20 commercial refrigerator.
  • $12,000 delivered to your door nation wide! 
We custom tailor your start up and supply package individually in addition. Click HERE for more information on this and check out the rest of the web site, custom packages are welcomed.

*Old web site is at

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